Serve the City


There’s a line in every city that separates the rich from the poor, the strong from the weak, the haves from the have-nots. It’s a street, the train tracks, a river, a sidewalk. On one side there is safety, on the other there is danger. On one side there is security, on the other, fear.
On one side kids go to college, work pays well, needs are hidden behind drawn curtains and consumable goods.
On the other life is pretty raw. It’s time to cross the line.

Our Story

We are a collective effort of the faith-based community, civic organizations, government, and businesses to serve and meet needs in the community for the purpose of building trusting relationships, instilling hope, and transforming lives.

What We Do

Serve the City Chesapeake offers to churches, civic organizations, and businesses the opportunity to partner together with our City to serve the citizens in our community through cooperative projects, community events, out of school programs and other activities.

Our Vision

To see the redeveloping communities of Chesapeake transformed through collective partnerships between the police department, faith base organizations, civic leagues and schools by building trusting relationships that bring hope and health to our community.

Volunteers, police officers repair homes in need in Chesapeake
By Margaret Matray
The Virginian-Pilot
Jun 23, 2016